Vaso Pantazi


* Degrees

2000-2004 Bachelor of Law, National University of Athens

* Languages

English (fluent), French (basic), Spanish (basic)

Professional Experience

* 2014-today Manager partner at Vaso Pandazi and Partners Law Firm

* 2004-2014 Partner at Alexis Kougias and Partners Law Office, Athens

Defence criminal lawyer at over 600 trials. Prosecution Lawyer at over 100 trials.

* 2011-2014Legal Advisor at PAE PANACHAIKI G.E. 2005 F.C.

Legal representation of PANACHAIKI F.C. Legal consulting at Greek Football Association. Member of FIFA’s list of international authorised lawyers.

* 2014-2015 Legal Assistant at Hellenic Parliament

Member of legislative committees at the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Public Order and Civic Protection.

Main Trials

* Trials of General Public Interest

> Criminal Defence Lawyer of Epameinondas Korkoneas (the policeman who shot dead the 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos) – ongoing case.

> Criminal Defence Lawyer of Efstathios Boukouras (ex-MP of Golden Dawn, accused for leadership of criminal organization) – ongoing case.

>Criminal Defence Lawyer of Vaios Melachrinos (accused of leadership of a criminal organisation and kidnapping of five jewellers).

Criminal Defence Lawyer of Alexandros Koliveris (accused of manslaughter of an Olympiakos football fan).

> Criminal Defence Lawyer of Konstantinos Nastoulis (accused of formation and leadership of a criminal organisation, accused of multiple murders and blackmailing of entertainment enterprises).

* Terrorism Related Cases

> Criminal Defence Lawyer of StathisTheocharis (accused of membership in the terrorist organisation DHKP-C, responsible for the terrorist attack against the American Embassy in Ancara; cooperation with the Boston District Attorney; cooperation with the American Embassy in Greece) – ongoing case.

> Criminal Defence Lawyer of AnastasiosPolyzois

* Other Criminal Cases

> Criminal Defence Lawyer in cases of: drug dealing, human trafficking, armed robberies, criminal organisations.